Where is the promised change?

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THE wedding of President Muhammadu Buhari’s son attracted the same ilk that we thought he would fight. The private jets made their landing and in them were the super rich who have acquired their wealth not from a thriving capitalism but from corruption and at the cost of plundering National wealth. Many of them cannot account for how they came about their wealth. If probed, many of the guests would be found wanting on the scales of integrity. The wedding was the unification of the children of the ruling class. A joining of two children of the wealthy. The Emir’s daughter and Yusuf. A repeat of the similar wedding parties that have been the norm since the emergence of President Buhari.  The rich are marrying the rich. It was and is always an exclusive party set-up for the rich. Private jets are not bought by paupers! Private jets are bought, owned and maintained by the wealthy who can afford the maintenance and cost of use.

President Muhammadu Buhari emerged in 2015 through the slogan of “change”. He was massively accepted by the poor masses who wanted someone to end their suffering in the hands of the corrupt ruling class. Massive crowds of poor people, the talakawa,  gathered especially in the North to declare their support for Buhari during the campaign. What Nigerians expected was someone who would ruffle the feathers of the corrupt ruling class. Sadly, the same set we thought he would fight are those at the wedding of his son.  The weddings have been a trend since the emergence of the APC. It seems all the children are deciding at once that they all want to get married while their Parents still enjoy the ride of being in power. Nothing has changed. The corrupt rich strut around freely around the same Buhari who was expected to punish them. The same Buhari who we thought would motivate and mobilise the troops of the Nigerian army to end insecurity.

Buhari actually promised to head the war against terrorism from the front and to actively participate in the hostilities. He has however failed on this promise and his government has reneged on the agreement made to the masses years back. Terrorism continues joined by banditry and more armed violence with tension from the Fulani herdsmen. Buhari has not fought corruption the way we thought he would. Here was someone that the poorest of the poor donated to his campaign believing he was hampered by funds. The poor scraped out the funds used in 2015. They believed a Messiah had come and they contributed all they could to fighting the insecurity. What have the poor gotten from this government if not more poverty? The poor are locked out of the wedding party while the mega rich make their way in grooving to Naira Marley, Olamide and the recent songs in town. Terrorists are emboldended by the insecure situation to the extent of entering the NDA! Imagine the effontery! Challenging Nigeria’s Army at its very nursery. These are the very definition of daredevil. Who is safe?

Nowhere in the country is safe and the national condition reflects general emergency. If you’re safe from the bandits, you’re running from COVID-19. If you’re safe from the bandits and COVID, you’re running from herdsmen. Terrorism has captured the North East. The East is threatened by separationist agitation where sit-at-homes are declared and enforced. The West continues to agitate against open graving and the ravishing of farmlands by herdsmen. There is no one really safe at the moment. Where can one look upon and find no crisis? There is nowhere! Everywhere you turn in Nigeria, there is a waiting problem. Nigeria still needs the type of change that Buhari promised. When will it be? The sharing of the nation’s wealth has been unfair.

  • Koye-Ladele Mofehintoluwa writes from Lagos. He can be reached on koyetolu@gmail.com or Twitter @Koye_Tolu.


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