What Are The Difference Between APC And PDP?

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To me Both are corrupt

Just the PDP Shares our Nigeria looted money among all tribes in Nigeria.

While APC are triallist, only cares about The Fulani,

Both parties are corrupt and shamed to humanity, Both Parts are the reasons why Nigeria is like these

May God Help the good people of the country, By Nature. Nigerians are Good people and very hard-working people, The only problem is that the Nigeria SYSTEM, The Government is corrupt and when the system is corrupt, is very hard for the good and innocent hard working Nigerians to strives, this is reasons why it looks like the only people making it in Nigeria are those doing the opposite after those in government looting Nigeria day and night

I will never be surprised to wake up tomorrow and hear that Formal president Goodluck Jonathan has joined APC

May God help us from this corrupt politicians, am even afraid of almost Nigeria system of politic, this is a system problem, just the same way evil ideology make terrorist consistent and striving, no matter how US, France kills terror group, until you kill the ideology, the war against these terror group is still slim

Same way with the corrupt system in Nigeria, Until you kill the evil corrupt Nigeria politic system, then our problem here is still slow to solve

From NairaLEARN Reporting for AfriNOTES.com

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