Water ministry seeks approval of N59.4m for 2022 budget

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The Senate Committee on Water Resources, chaired by Senator Mandiya Bello would have a lot of work to do, as it digs deeper into the budget of the Ministry of Water Resources, following confusing budget lines with huge votes at a time the federal government would need to free funds, for infrastructure development.

In its proposed budget for the 2022 fiscal year expected to take effect from January 1, 2022, the ministry proposed, N59,447,012 as expenditure it would incur for preparation of the 2022 budget, ten-page documents prepared by the finance department.

The ministry tied the total figure of N59.4 million it hopes to expend on budget-related costs to various budget lines, covering the purchase of the vehicle, implementation of programmes related to the budget, amongst others.

Tribune Online checks revealed that a breakdown of the cost included N6,137,608 as the annual budget expenses and administration captured on the budget code of 25021014, and an Economic Recovery Growth Plan (ERGP), it planned to expend N10,000,000 for the development of budgetary data management for the ministry.

Other expenses that swelled the budget preparation for 2020 which would require a thorough check by the Senate committee in water are: ERGP30151785 implementation of the economic sustainability plan (ESP) provision for critical utility movement for budget (Hilux) an ongoing project for N22,500,00.

According to the ministry, “ERGP30159184 for monitoring and evaluation/implementation of MTSS-ERGP and annual appropriation (Budget)” which was also “ongoing’ would cost the federal government N20,809,404 in the ministry.

The proposal was the lowest in the last six years on budget-related expenditure executed by the ministry of water resources.

Expenditure for the year 2021 which would come to a close at the end of the year, amounted to N84,447,012, as the sum total of the year’s expenses.

Outside the constant figure of N10,137,608 which dropped by 40% for the years 2017 and the year 2022 for the proposed budget, the ministry spent N10,000,000 on “ERGP2312525 development of budgetary data management for the ministry.”

For the 2021 year, it expended the sum of N21,500,000 for media documentation e-Library of an ERGP30150871.

One budgetary related expenditure to the tune of N10m was the “ERGP30111648 for “strengthening and establishment/collaboration with parastatals and agencies of the ministry with budget and accounts on tracking and benchmarking ESP progress account and budget officers.

Twenty million eight hundred and nine thousand, four hundred and four Naira (N20.8m) was used to monitor and evaluate the implementation of MTSS-ERPG and annual appropriation – the budget.

The ministry of water resources also spent the sum of N12,000,000 for procurement of 20 HP Core I 15 laptops for budget officers to be efficient on their jobs of budget preparation and administration.

In the year 2019, the regular sum of N10.1m was expended on budget preparation while it spent N37.3m on the capacity development on budgetary data management for the ministry, cindered to be an entirely new project.

Twenty-five million was spent by the water ministry on”budget preparation coordination and quarterly production of the budget report.

Another expense in the 2019 year was the N14.9million for the ERGP125244 on the monitoring, evaluation implementation in MTSS-ERGP and the annual appropriation.


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