The man just passed out in the hotel after meeting an internet lover


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A thirty-five-year-old man, Abdulwaheed Lamidi, lost his life after he fell while he and his girlfriend were staying in a hotel in the Ikotun area of Lagos State.

Lamidi and his 22-year-old lover met online and decided to put their best foot forward to continue their love game after many weeks online.

The man killed me when he fell in the bathroom after he and his girlfriend finished their love game.

Alukoro for the Lagos State Police, Benjamin Hundeyin who confirmed the incident is that the lady called Lamidi died when she fell on the bathroom floor.

Hundeyin are the members of Lamidi who are preparing to carry the body, and they are the ones who are ready to prosecute the death of Brother Abdulwaheed Lamidi.

"We have sent to Lamidi, who are trying to start removing the body from the cemetery. They are not ready to prosecute the death of the brother.

"And the beloved sister is in police custody, and begged the police not to do it to her parents."