President Muhammadu Buhari congratulates Tobi Amusan


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President Muhammadu Buhari has joined thousands of Nigerians around the world to congratulate Tobi Amusan's sister.
After winning the gold medal for Nigeria in the 2022 World Athletics Championships.

The 25-year-old Amusan did the feat when he became the first Nigerian to win Gold in the Championship.

In President Buhari's speech, he congratulated and encouraged the Nigerian national anthem, which refused to mark the winner of the Golden Bird Award.

President Buhari's hard work brought joy and happiness to Nigerians, which made them believe that nothing is difficult to do with faith.
He added that his success will be an inspiration for the children coming in his family to know for sure that whoever works hard will see his reward.

I placed fourth, fourth, fourth before I became the winner - Tobi Amusan​

Similarly, the governor of Lagos state, Bajide Sanwo-Olu said the story of Amusan is the story of Nigeria, which proves that if Nigerians believe in themselves, nothing can be difficult for them.

He said the lady taught Nigerians to work and know that there is profit for the worker.

In his own words, the Ogun state governor called the woman his daughter whom he chose a few months ago to encourage him in his chosen career.

Amusan who is a citizen of Ogun state is the governor of Abiodun who is happy and all the citizens of Ogun state are in his egg.

The famous athlete, Usain Bolt, congratulations on his continued success, and he is proud of it.

In his speech of thanks, Amusan is the one that people use the word "he is a little bit sorry for" because he finished fourth three times before he won the gold crown.

He received 100,000 dollars for the New World Record Award and 70,000 dollars for the Gold Award.​

Amusan was the first to win in the semi-finals (Semi-Finals) after winning in one second (12:12 SECONDS)
After this, he congratulated the winner of the competition where he became the winner and became the first person from Nigeria to win the championship in a world championship.

After finishing, he received five hundred thousand dollars in foreign currency and seventy thousand dollars for swimming the winner and winning the gold medal.
The total amount of money received if converted to Nigerian currency will be seventy million Naira.

Tobi Amusan, the famous tennis player who lifted the name of Nigeria in the Commonwealth Games​

Amusan Big Picture


Before this time, many may not know about the tennis player Tobilola Amusan but with her body at the ongoing Commonwealth Games, many are looking forward to this Nigerian lady.

In the hurdles sprinter's competition, he put dry food on it and came back when he participated in the tough part of the competition.
He did not know this only when he continued in the competitive section and won the gold medal in the competition.

With her death, she is the youngest runner in the women's category.

In a number of minutes, twelve minutes and twelve seconds (12.12 secs) he won the trophy.

This twenty-five-year-old made history by beating the time previously set by American Kendra Harrison as the fastest person in the women's 100m hurdles category.
Harrison's time was 12.20 in 2016.
In the competition that they ran across the United States, Harrison took second place behind Amusan in the category of the competition.
Two hours after beating Harrison's egg, Amusan went on to win the gold medal in the competition.

He was also faster than the 12.12 he ran in the section that was more difficult for the athlete, but due to a large amount of oxygen during the game, they did not write 12.06s.

Tears fell on Amusan's face which made Nigerians happy about this success​

The video of Tobilola's sister in tears is something that many people are talking about in Nigeria on the internet.

Why is Tobi getting excited when they are singing the Nigerian national anthem for Tobi as the winner?

This made many Nigerians hurry up and be brave enough to raise the glory of Nigeria.