Lagos woman votes despite a brutal attack by hoodlums in Lagos


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A woman is being called a hero of Saturday’s elections for voting despite a brutal attack by hoodlums in Lagos.

DAILY POST learnt the incident occurred at a polling unit in the Surulere area of the state.

Voting in the presidential and National Assembly polls was ongoing when thugs stormed the location and destroyed election materials.

They hit people that tried to confront them including the brave woman who sustained a head injury.

A social media user who said the unrest happened in his area posted a video of the woman receiving stitches at a health centre.

The woman is receiving accolades for returning to cast her vote after calm was restored. A tweet celebrating her hit 970,000 likes in two hours.
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That is the spirit of most Nigerians this election but the election process has defranchised the mandate of the people and rigging stared us in the face. God bless Nigeria.


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This is the highest of abuse in this year 2023 election. people are defrechanse and the election experience lots of rigging and anomalies, so it is right to say that the presidential election is not free and fair at all