Lagos state police command has shed light on a man that dressed like a real woman


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The Lagos state police station has shed light on the case of a brother who wants to stop judging himself on the charge that he is a suspected arsonist.

Lagos state police chief Benjamin Hundeyin said that preliminary investigations have revealed that the brother's name is Sanni Gafar and he is twenty-nine years old.

He continued that thanks to the early arrival at the scene if people did not lay their hands on this egg, they might have sentenced him to death by their own hands.

In a press release on Twitter, Hundeyin explained what happened and continued with the investigation.

The man dressed like a real woman​

The picture that Hundeyin gave his statement after on Twitter showed a brother wearing a woman's hijab over the clothes he was wearing and reaching his face.

Hundeyin said that they found a bag in his hand and put things like three hammers, six screwdrivers, screwdrivers and other things in it.

Similarly, the same black chocolate was in the bag he was carrying as Hundeyin said.

He said the suspect said he was a shock operator.

At about 1100hrs today, a mob descended on an alleged terrorist at Ijora Badia. The Police arrived on time to save him from lynching. Preliminary investigation shows that the male suspect, who many alleged disguised as a woman, is Sanni Gafar, aged 29. He was found with a bag 1/3