Ibadan North-East/Ibadan South-East Federal Constituency election declared inconclusive


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The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has declared the Ibadan North East/Ibadan South East Federal Constituency election inconclusive.

DAILY POST reports that the election was held in the two local government areas that make up the federal constituency on Saturday.

The returning officer of the election, Dr. Akanni Lawanson, declared the election as inconclusive on Monday.

Lawanson spoke at Mapo Hall in Ibadan.

He explained that he could not declare the winner of the election because the number of collected Permanent Voter Cards, PVCs, in some units where elections were not held or cancelled exceeded the margin between the two leading candidates.

Lawanson said that the margin between the two was about 650 votes while the PVCs in question were in excess of 1,200.

He spoke further by saying that INEC may arrange elections in the affected areas.

Lawanson said, “In the last few days, we have gone through the collation stages. The two local government results were submitted to me and based on what was offered, I clarified the content of what was submitted with the agent in each of those LGA.

“The condition is that I compare the information and invoke the margin of lead concept in terms of considering the instances where either election were not held or there was a cancellation.

“The number of PVCs where elections were cancelled or not held should be taken into consideration and be compared with the margin of lead. When the margin of lead exceeds the summation of the PVCs collected from those polling booths where elections were not held or cancelled”.
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