Elected governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke has promised that he will not let the voters down


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The newly elected governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke has promised that he will not let the voters down.
Adeleke expressed such confidence while talking to BBC Yoruba.
The interview took place after Adeleke received the certificate and passed the vote from the electoral commission in Osogbo.

The first things I will do if I get a license:​

While explaining the first steps he will take once he is elected, Adeleke will first tell us how he will pay the money that the government is going to pay the workers.
"I feel very sorry for the workers, and I wish them good luck all the time. I always find out how to pay them."
Adeleke said this despite the fact that many times the governor who is on leave, Adegboyega Oyetola has been insisting that he is not a salaried worker in Osun state.
Also, according to the new governor, there is no clear road in Osun, and he will find out how he will make a road.

My government does not pay any salary - Oyetola​

As the new governor in Osun is promising to pay the salaries of government employees in the state, the current governor, Adegboyega Oyetola, has not paid any salary.
In case you forgot, governor Oyetola first explained at the public meeting held by BBC Yoruba in Osogbo that he does not owe any worker's salary.
Oyetola said this when he was responding to Adeleke's statement that he used to cry every day and that there are too many mothers who are working in the state, and the government is taking care of them.
"This is a matter of letting the people of Osun die, I don't owe them any salary or allowance.
All their months I have just paid them."
In the same way, Oyetola added that he is not responsible for the pension of the retirees.
"Besides the fact that I am not paying the workers' salaries and pensioners' allowances, I am still struggling as much as I can between the donations coming in from the Osun government and the huge debt I inherited as governor, to pay the debts ."

It will not be seen that every son of Osun will fulfill the promise of the election campaign that I made:​

Adeleke also said further in the discussion that he has promised all the children of Osun, and that he will not face them.
He stole all the promises he made to them during the election campaign.
"I have traveled all over the city of Osun, and I know people, even many of them are calling me that they are coming to abandon the economic center in Osun"
Davido and my son, who is singing, have come down from an entertainment station, where people used to play.
This actually brings in money for the government as is happening in the United States.

I loved my brother Isiaka Adeleke when he was alive:​

When talking about your late elder brother, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, the new Governor, he loved you very much when he was alive.
"Indeed, where I like them, since they were the first governor, I used to wear this kind of hat with my brother.
The place where I like them, I used to follow them around without knowing that I will also become the governor."
Adeleke learned a lot from his elder brother, and he taught him to have compassion for the needy.
He said when his brother died, all the experience he learned from him was useful for him to use in politics.

We don't know if Aregbesola's followers are among the APC members who joined us:​

Adeleke, while speaking on whether Rauf Aregbesola's supporters are trying to win the election, explained that some APC members joined the election but he did not know if Aregbesola's supporters were among them.
He said some people in APC will not leave the party but they will work for his success.
Also, he said that there are some people in the PDP who are fighting, and joined the APC to work for them, that's how the world is.

I thank the people of Osun for electing me as Governor:​

The new governor came to thank the people of Osun state for electing him, and promised that he will not let them down.
He also assured them that the mother will not eat them when she is on the job like the governor.