Court sentenced the two who killed the five-year-old student to death


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The Kano High Court has ruled that the founder of Noble Kids Academy, Abdulmalik Tanko, should be suspended because he is guilty of killing a five-year-old child, Hanifa Abubakar in the first month of this year 2022.

Judge Sulaiman Na Abba also sentenced Hashim Isyaku to death, who tried to bury the child.

Likewise, the judge ordered that the third suspect in the child's death, Fatima Musa, should be imprisoned for one year for having attempted to carry Hanifa.

How the incident happened:​

Seven months ago there was a rumor that Hanifa went to study clay and never came back.
According to the police station, the two male suspects conspired to abduct the child and took his life.

When the incident happened, the cry for justice for Hanifa took over the Internet in Nigeria.

The noise also reached a new level when the police found Hanifa's dead body in the garden of the Northwest Preparatory School in the neighborhood of Tudun Murtala in Kano.

The school where the girl was going, and the police arrested three suspects in the incident, who identified the child's teacher.

The people of Kano are worried about Hanifa's death:​

Did the mothers in Kano get sick when they saw the girl's body?

On December 4, 2021, Hanifa was kidnapped while she was coming home with her friends.

As the daughter became a fan, she offended many people on the internet at that time, especially when they saw the picture of Hanifa that her father posted on the internet.

Abubakar Abdulsalam, who is Hanifa's father, when explained how his son became an awati, he said that the incident was a test of God.
"As Hanifa was preparing the house, she came with me on Saturday.

He said he was going back to Islamiyah, and I said he didn't read some people following me, and he was reading it.

He turned to his mother that when he was shopping, he didn't buy a milky suit.

The last time we saw the child, what I remember about him is that he was a smart child, and he was my happiness, even the neighbors loved him."