Arise TV Presenter Oseni Rufai and Ayo Fayose Battle On Live TV


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This morning, Ayo Fayose, the former governor of Ekiti State, appeared on Arise TV and engaged in a heated discussion with Oseni Rufai.

Rufai had questioned Fayose's attempt to justify the illegality that occurred during the last election by referencing a recording of Fayose allegedly planning to rig an election in 2014. Fayose became angry and retaliated by bringing up Rufai's bus case with the police.

When Rufai tried to clarify the situation with the police, Fayose accused him of being partisan and claimed to have warned Rufai's colleague, Ruben Abbati, to caution him against getting personal.

Despite the tense atmosphere, the interview continued, with Fayose defending Ahmed Tinubu's mandate and boasting that he led the people of Ekiti to give him their votes.

When Rufai attempted to explain that he was only doing his job and was not partisan, Fayose became agitated once again, and it was only through the intervention of Ruben Abbati that he was calmed down


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Rufai Oseni is always hitting hard on his interviewer and then Fayose is also no-nonsense man and he served it back as e dey hot