A senior accountant faces trial on charges of theft


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The former Chief Accountant for our country, Ahmed Idris, has ignored the Federal High Court in Abuja today.
Earlier, the Spokesperson for the EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren announced on the organization's Facebook page that Judge Adeyemi Ajayi would hear the case.
The allegation against the former chief accountant is that he stole the money of this country, which is about nineteen billion and six million naira (N109.4bn).
Ahmed Idris and three others were sued by the EFCC, accusing them of pocketing the money.
All the suspects appeared in court today.

The names of the others are Godfrey Olusegun Akindele, Mohammed Kudu Usman, and the head of a company that exchanges naira to foreign countries, Gezawa Commodity Market and Exchange Limited.
The EFCC, while explaining the charges for bringing the people to court, said that "the government gave an asset of its money of N84,390,000,000 to the accounts of the people who terrorized the government.
He said the people took money on the property from Godfrey Olusegun Bamidele, which is treasonous to the government.
In case you forgot, on the 16th of May 2022, the bread broke, and the EFCC announced that it had taken the Chief Accountant into custody.

The news surprised Nigerians a lot, and a publication later released by the EFCC was that Idris transferred eighty billion nairas to another place.
The reason why the federal government did not go to the house that the investigation is completed on the government's allegations against him.
If the trial goes on today, we will bring it to you.