TECNO launches #StopAtNothing campaign, urges consumers to share inspiring stories

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TECNO is focused on becoming the most admired stylish smartphone brand among the passionate young-at-heart consumers in emerging markets across the globe. With this ambition underpinning its strategy, TECNO has launched a new brand communications campaign of #StopAtNothing, championing progressive consumers that are “young at heart”.

All consumers are welcome to share their #stopatnothing stories to www.tecnostopatnothing.com campaign minisite, show the world their progressive attitude while inspiring others to never stop pursuing excellence, and stand a chance to win amazing gifts while at it.

TECNO’s #StopAtNothing positioning represents the Brand’s recognition of progress and every individual motivation to search for excellence, specifically the youth generation that are admirably resilient in the face of adversity.

They continue to push society forward through their individual actions, their optimism and ability to turn obstacles into opportunities, and ultimately build a better future for themselves and others.

The campaign has started to receive many heart-felt and inspiring consumer stories since its launch day.

Nora Awolowo, a 22-year-old passionate visual storyteller, shared: “To stop at nothing to me means ‘to be determined’. Personally, it means I allow no stumbling stocks to deter me from achieving a goal. It might take longer than I expected, but major focus is not stopping till the goal is achieved.

“Like after three years of wanting to work on a personal project dear to my heart, I am finally going at it this year. Slow but steady. I love and adapt the idea of achieving excellence in everything I do because this helps me stay on my toes, knowing I have to be better than my previous work.”

“I am a goal-getter. Determination is required to achieve success and stop at nothing helps to emphasize that. When I was still young into photography, you at least needed a camera. At that time smartphone photography wasn’t popular. But a phone was all I had. I used my phone camera consistently for 3 years to tell stories.

“As a result, I developed a style and quickly carved a niche for myself. Passion has kept me going in my career but it’s the determination for success that allows me persist in the face of difficulties”, shared Khalid Ozavogu Abdul, 30-year-old successful freelance Photographer & Filmmaker.

“I think everyone should stop at nothing today to achieve whatever they set their mind to achieve, I’m like that. There’s nothing like impossible in my dictionary and there is no level of greatness that I think is not achievable for me and I’ll stop at nothing to achieve it”, shared Bashiru Bolatito Arinola, 27-year-old fashion designer.

“At the heart of TECNO, it’s really about progressing with our consumers and carving a path where there isn’t one. It is not only about success; it is about having the self-motivation to do more and realize more.” said Danni Xu, CMO of TECNO.

“We encourage consumers to never stop challenging the social norms to realize their dreams, especially in today’s digital era with a world of possibilities to be discovered. Stop At Nothing represents the values and attitude we embrace and cements our total commitment to supporting our consumers to constantly look for progress.”

Entries for TECNO’s Stop At Nothing campaign are open to all across the world. All stories are available on the campaign minisite.

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