South East lawmakers vows to join forces to “reconstruct a federal system”

2 months ago 24

The South East Caucus in the National Assembly has vowed to join hands to “reconstruct a federal system”.

This was contained in a communique following an extraordinary session on Wednesday, to review developments in the South East.

According to the lawmakers, they have “resolved to join hands with other patriotic Nigerians across regional, religious, political, and ethnic divides to reconstruct a federal system.

It added that a federal system will guarantee “our rights, happiness, and prosperity and those of our unborn generations.”

They also appealed to people of the South East not to allow anyone to destroy the region.

“Anything that threatens Igbo businesses, the peace, security, and stability of the South East threatens our very existence as a people.

“Consequently, bearing in mind that if we allow cracks in the wall, lizards will invade our home. We must all pull together as one people to discourage and resist any tendencies and actions which pollute our business environments or encourages anarchy and instability in our region,” the communique read in part.

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