PDP raises alarm over Buhari’s demand for fresh loan of $4bn, $710m

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30 am, when my landlady on her way to work surprisingly noticed that my store had been opened. She said that she moved closer to see who could have opened it at that period of the day and was taken aback to see how everything had been scattered and saw that it has actually been burgled. She later alerted me that my store had been burgled. And I rushed down. "Worth of items carted away is around N9.8 million and with other fixtures it amounted to about N10 million plus some fractions aside other items not on insurance which were also carted away. Mr. Aladegbola who said that police had not made any arrest on the incident, expressed disappointment on the efforts of the security agencies. "When I reported at the A division of the Nigeria Police, an officer followed me down to the store and there was nothing whatsoever yet afterwards. It's so saddened that what I have laboured for for the past 20 years after leaving university was just carted away within hours of a day, all my entire savings. All what I can say is mine to sustain my family with; all gone within a twinkle of am eye. To encourage business owners in the state, I want to call on government and security agencies to assure the people of adequate security and protection. And to imagine that my store is opposite main road and just a street separates it from Senator Bukola Saraki residence, adjacent to former CBN deputy governor's house and a minute drive from Commissioner of Police official residence. These are places of prominent and important dignitaries where the store is located. It's on a highway where there should be security patrol. I don't understand why almost all items in a store could be packed. They must have come in a lorry and throughout the period it lasted no patrol. It shows there's poor security issue in the state. And till now, the police had no clue to the matter. This could really discourage investment. As it is I don't know if I could continue with the store because I wouldn't want such to happen again. The onus is on government to provide security. I'm an employer of labour. I had to lay off some of my staff. This should not be allowed to continue or else rate of unemployment and crime will continue to rise", he said. Speaking with the Nigerian Tribune, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Okasanmi Ajayi, said that he was yet to get the report from the Divisional Police stations. The Police spokesman promised to look into the matter towards conducting investigation that would unravel the perpetrators of the crime., not promote Magu. PDP NWC disowns Niger, Nigerian children’s neglect by government, Reinstate sacked Kaduna workers, Robbers raid on villa sign Buhari cannot secure Nigeria, Kola Ologbondiyan, Nigerians are starving Ologbondiyan

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has raised alarm over the fresh demand of President Muhammadu Buhari to the National Assembly to take another external loan of $4 billion and $710 million.

While rejecting the reported moves by president, the party stated that Buhari-led All Progressives Congress (APC) administration desire to further mortgage the nation.

The party lamented that “with the reckless borrowing by President Buhari and the APC, Nigerians might eventually not have a nation and a patrimony that they can freely call their own, after the APC, which has less than two years to vacate office.

“With the N33.107 trillion debt already accumulated by President Buhari and the APC with nothing to show but decayed infrastructure and a depressed economy, an addition N5.62 trillion borrowing proposed by Buhari for the 2022 budget and now a fresh N2.66 trillion external loan, the APC will be hanging over N40 trillion debt on the nation, with no clear-cut repayment plan.

“More alarming is that the debts that APC is hanging on Nigerians are for nebulous projects whose scopes, utilities, locations and contractors are largely vague; a development that validates apprehensions of a huge swindle on our nation at the expense of innocent Nigerians, including generation yet unborn,” the party stated.

According to a statement from the National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Kola Ologbondiyan, the party said “it is an act of wickedness that individuals who know that they will be leaving office in less than two years to be accumulating debts instead of seeking ways to reduce the liability they have brought upon our nation.

“The APC knows it will not be around after May 29, 2023. That is why it is pushing our nation into deeper economic quagmire with foreign loans, which are largely diverted to personal pockets of their corrupt leaders.

“Given their incompetence, corruption and manifest nonchalant attitude to the plights of Nigerians, the APC and its administration have not shown any commitment towards wealth creation as expected of any responsible government.

“Rather, they have resorted to reckless borrowing, pillaging of our national vault and suppression of our productive sectors; a development that have crippled our Gross Domestic Produce (GDP) to the extent that our naira, which the PDP handed over to the APC at N167 to a dollar, has now collapsed to a dismal and all-time low of N557 to a dollar under the APC.

“The PDP calls on the National Assembly to save our nation by rising above partisan sentiments to reject this latest request by President Buhari for a fresh foreign loan.

“Our party also urges the National Assembly to immediately commence an open investigative hearing on all the loans collected by President Buhari especially with allegations that they are being diverted to the personal pockets of APC leaders, the cabal in the Presidency as well as APC government functionaries and their cronies,” the statement stated.


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