Olufon kingship: Confusion as rival ruling houses lay claim to stool

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The Odunolu Ruling House, Oluronbi compound, Ifon-Osun in Orolu Local Government Area has called on the Osun State Government, the public, and other parties in the Olufon Chieftaincy matter to disregard calls for nomination to fill the vacant stool.

According to information made available to journalists by princes, Ahmed Adeyeye Olayode, Wasiu Siyanbola and Sulaiman Oyedotun, representatives of the Odunolu Ruling House, they had alleged that Jide Akinlaja Akinyooye, a self-proclaimed leader of concerned princes of Orolu Kingdom has been using a court dismissed 1988 Olufon Chieftaincy declaration and a non-existing house, Laojo Ruling House.

In their position, which was made on Wednesday, the princes revealed that the 1988 Olufon chieftaincy declaration, which was made during the period of military interregnum was set aside by Justice Olowoofoyeku of Osun State High Court, Osogbo adding that the judge declared that the 1988 chieftaincy declaration was improperly made.

The trio explained that the court also declared that the 1979 amended Olufon Chieftaincy declaration which recognised the five independent ruling houses was the subsisting instrument guiding the appointment of an Olufon.

While maintaining that it was the turn of their ruling house to produce the next Olufon, the Odunolu royal family requested Governor Adegboyega Oyetola to borrow a leaf from the Olagunsoye Oyinlola administration which against all odds to respect the court decisions stood its ground and applied the 1979 Chieftaincy declaration to appoint the late Olufon, Oba Almaroof Magbagbeola from the Olumoyero ruling house.

While warning the Ifon-Orolu Progressive Union (IPU) to beware of the antics of Jide Akinlaja Akinyooye, a former national publicity secretary of the union, they alleged that his sensitisation drive on Obaship matters is a calculated attempt to mislead, distort Orolu history and create unnecessary confusion in the installation process.

The representatives called for expedition of action on the installation of a new monarch for the town and appealed to the state government to respect the available judgment and allow the kingmakers to perform their traditional duties without undue interference.

In his reaction, Prince Jide Akinlaja Akinyooye stated that his response will educate and inform the general public on the mischevious allegation by the Odunolu- Oluronbi royal family.

He explained that the Olurombi are known as Balogun family and not related to any ruling house in Ifon adding that there was a pending litigation before an Osun State High Court, Osogbo.

According to him, the case was instituted in order for the court to compel them to stop parading themselves as members of the Odunolu royal family.

Akinyooye insisted that the 1988 Olufon Chieftaincy declaration is the extant law since it recognised two ruling houses, Orisafi ruling house which comprised of Oluyeyin, Olumoyero and Orisatoyinbo families and Olaojo ruling house which comprised of Moronfolu and Odunolu families.

“It was the 1988 Declaration that was used to install late Oba Olatoye Ilufoye Orisatoyinbo II in 1990. The fact is that it has never been set aside by any court.

“The Suit No: HOS/127/1988 did not void the 1988 Olúfọ́n Chieftaincy Declaration. It was never invalidated in any way by Justice Olowofoyeku.

“What the court said in it is that: the 1988 Olúfọ́n Chieftaincy Declaration is improper, and cannot take away the rights of Olumoyero that has accrued in 1985.

“Those who went to court did not even seek an order of court declaring it null and void but that it was improper to use it to fill the 1985 vacancy.

“Bye and large, the current law legally speaking is the 1988 law that was never declared invalid, null or void but was improperly used in 1991.

“Therefore, what led to crisis during the installation of late Oba Olumoyero was that the State Government used the 1979 Olufon Chieftaincy Declaration when they were supposed to have used the 1988 Olufon Chieftaincy Declaration”, he concluded.

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