Nigerian Brand, REIGN LAGOS, Makes Fashion Inclusive For Plus-Size Women

2 months ago 45

The Nigerian manner manufacture arsenic we each cognize is 1 of the fast-rising industries making its people astir the globe. In caller times, we person seen the displacement to admit and enactment applicable socially conscious brands that cater to the `needs of radical beyond stereotypes and quality standards.

REIGN.LAGOS is 1 of those brands that person caught our attraction successful caller times owed to its colourful aesthetics and scope of inclusivity that caters to the mean woman, this is simply a displacement successful the norm successful the quality abstraction and positive size fashion, peculiarly successful the elemental yet elegant beingness of its cuts and finishes of each piece.

The intrinsic detailing and knowing of the plus-size pistillate sets this marque isolated arsenic it hopes to fto each pistillate beryllium the reigning queen.




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