Kwara condemns poor performance of wastes managers in Ilorin metropolis

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The Kwara State Environment Commissioner, Remilekun Banigbe, has condemned social wastes managers for their poor performance in the evacuation of wastes within Ilorin metropolis.

Speaking at a meeting with the social wastes managers in her office in Ilorin, the commissioner said despite several warnings to the wastes managers to be alive to their responsibilities, the reverse has been the case.

She said the state government could no longer tolerate the lackadaisical attitude of the wastes managers.

Banigbe charged them to synergize with the ministry of environment as a team to make the state hygienically safe for the citizens.

“Let us do things right by working within the time frame, be proactive by giving your team the terms for adequate execution of the job,” she advised.

According to the Commissioner, the ‘rorobins’ for dumping of refuse by the public were provided as intervention schemes to help in packing wastes, to ease their jobs, as well as give the city capital a good look.

The Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Pastor Abraham Kola Ojo, said the wastes remained an eyesore, hence the urgent need for evacuation to ensure cleanliness of Ilorin metropolis.

Responding, a representative of the Inter Project Waste, Mr Julius Elelubo, promised to improve service delivery to avoid environment hazards in the state.

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