Kano controversial Sheikh, Abduljabar’s lawyers withdraw their services

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In a swift twist of events, the team of lawyers defending Kano controversial sheikh, Abduljabar Nasiru Kabara, accused of blasphemous statement against the Prophet of Islam, have all withdrawn their services.

The defence lawyers, led by Saleh M Bagoro and comprising HG Magashi and Bashir Savoy, in a withdrawal letter to the Upper Sharia Court, presided over by Justice Sarki Yola, titled, “Withdrawal from the case between Kano State Government and Sheikh Abduljabar Nasiru Kabara, with file number CR/1/2021 and case file number CR/631/2021”, said they have decided to withdraw their services after meeting with their client on 14th September 2021 at the Kurmawa Correctional Center.

“We took the decision to withdraw from the case after meeting with our Client at the Kurmawa Correctional Center, by this, we are informing the Court of our withdrawal from the case as defence lawyers”, Barrister Saleh M Bagoro said.
It would be recalled that the presiding judge in the case, Justice Sarki Yola, had ordered the health verification of the sheikh for his refusal to respond to a series of questions asked him in the court at the last sitting.

Sheikh Abduljabar refused to talk after the government’s lead counsel, Suraj Said, filed fresh charges against the sheikh, something that created misunderstanding between the defendant counsels and government counsels.

However, the presiding judge, Sarki Yola, agreed to approve the inclusion of the fresh charges filed by the lawyers representing the Kano State Government, but only if the accused Sheikh Abduljabar answer in the affirmative or reject the charges.

Lawyers to Sheikh Abduljabar objected to the fresh charges and told him not to respond to whatever was slammed against him, which made him to remains mute on a series of questions asked to him by the presiding judge whether he is guilty or not.

The judge overruled their objections and ordered Abduljabbar to respond to the new charges, but his lawyers asked him to keep mute- which he obliged.

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