"I Now Have Grey Hair, Governance Not Easy" -Chief Of Staff To Kogi Gov. Jamiu Asuku Speaks

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Jamiu Asuku, Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor of Kogi State, recently had a brief chat with journalists at the South-West Political Conference organised by the GYB2PYB Support Group at Grandeur Event Center, Oregun Lagos.

In a brief conversation with newsmen, the pharmacist cum politician said pressure in governance has now made him grow grey hair at age 37.

“Energy is required in political system. If civil service is placing 60 years of age as retirement (removes cap), at 37, I’m a Chief of Staff; if you look close, you’ll see that I have started growing grey hair. That’s the pressure that comes with political office,” he said.

The CoS also faulted the idea of voting for ‘old wagon’ to pilot the affairs of the country, advocating for a youthful presidency come 2023.

“Looking at the civil service rule of our country (Nigeria). The retirement age of civil servants is 60 because it is believed that their level of functioning properly diminishes as they progress in age, hence, they won’t be able to do administrative duties as expected. So, they have to go on retirement and be playing with their grandchildren.

“What we are doing today is electing retiree to decide the affairs of over 200 million Nigerians, and that’s why Nigeria is where we are today.

“The reason the youths are asking for power is because of the pitiable situation of our country today. So, if we have youths deciding the helm of affairs, is going to be youth O’clock.”

He, however, urged the “retirees in governance” to take the “advisory role” and leave political seats for the youths.

“We’ve had enough of retiree (politicians above 60 years) piloting our affairs. They can take advisory role while allowing the youths at the helm of affairs,”

Asuku opined.

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