Ex-Anglican primate, Akinola, trains 138 on skill acquisition

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Former Primate, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), The Most Revd Peter Jasper Akinola, has trained 138 youths in various skill acquisition, to make them gainfully employed.

Just as he appealed to the government at all levels to place a high premium in training Nigerian graduates rather than giving foreigners the opportunity to work in the country.

He stated this during the presentation of certificates to one hundred and thirty-eight graduands who participated in Peter Akinola Foundation training held at their centre, in Abeokuta, on Thursday.

He stressed that the Nigerian government produce graduates who have been trained in different fields of human endeavours and were not given the opportunity to showcase themselves.

“We have got many things wrong, how come, our government are very quick in approving the founding and funding of universities, and yet these universities will produce graduates who have been trained in a particular field but when you need people to work for you in this field, you abandoned your own people, and give contracts to foreigners at the expense of your citizens.

“The beginning of the solution will be that we begin to appreciate and put a high premium on what we have, If we don’t do that 10 years from now, the Nigeria market will be overcrowded and the crime rate will increase.

“When you have trained people who have acquired skills, you won’t give them jobs to do and they will start roaming the streets and commit crimes. I pray and urge all our governments and employers of labour to put a high premium on those we have trained in this country. If you go to the outside world the best surgeons are Nigerians.

“We have money for politics, we have money to steal, we have money to defraud but we don’t have money to pay our Nigerian workers. We should appreciate what we have and we should make provisions for people who are trained, that way our economy will boom and our country will grow.

“Unemployment, idleness, lack of what to do lead people into crime, if people are gainfully employed, they will not be thinking of kidnapping but because they are not gainfully employed, what they are supposed to be doing you will be bringing Chinese to be doing them. It is a crime against the Nigerian people.

“Bringing Chinese to work in this country is a crime in our government against Nigerian people until we get these people gainfully employed, this trend will continue,” Akinola added.

Akinola added that participants at the foundation have been trained and groomed to be self-employed, make some money and also take in other young people in their neighbourhood and multiply the effect of the training.


Ex-Anglican primate, Akinola, trains 138 on skill acquisitions

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