Call for resignation: Northern groups back CBN Gov, Emefiele

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Some Northern groups under the auspices of Northern Advocacy Groups have thrown their weight behind the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, following calls for his resignation by a group in the north.

This was made known in an address jointly signed by, Alhaji Mohamed Bashir-Ali- Northern Professional Forum; Hajia Fatima-Abubakar- Arewa Business Women League; Mallam Sadiq Ibrahim- Arewa Frontier; and Comrade Yusuf Yahaya-Arewa Patriotic and Anti-Corruption Network, at a media conference held in Abuja.

The statement reads in part, “Today after an appraisal of the uncharitable utterances made by a supposedly Youth Assembly from the north, we came to a conclusion that it is imperative to address most of the issues wrongfully and mischievously presented.

“Our position is unanimous and we are all in support of Mr Godwin Emefiele and his management team in CBN and all their effort to stabilise the Naira and grow our foreign reserve for the nation. This holistic resolve brought us together under the aegis of the Northern Advocacy Group (NAG).

“We welcome you all to this important press briefing which is a patriotic motive to disabuse the public on misrepresented issues and claims of infractions on the Governor of Central Bank leading to a call for his resignation by same hired and sponsored discontented elements whose aim is to distract and unsettle the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“It is unfortunate to observe that the misrepresentation and falsehoods emanated from some legislators who believe that pulling Emefiele down will culminate into their political God Father having access to Nigerian’s money for his presidential ambition.

“It is regrettable that these persons feel that it is wisdom to tarnish and bring to ridicule, the outstanding effort of CBN just to gain the support of the President and seize power.

“We hereby call on those who find it profitable to peddle wrong information to stop. This act is unpopular, uncharitable and should not be associated with Northern interest.

“We hereby state emphatically that any act designed to frustrate efforts of Mr Godwin Emefiele to restore the economy from its downward slope orchestrated by fall and unstable price of crude oil and the advent of COVID-19 pandemic will be opposed.”

Meanwhile, the group unequivocally stated that “Let it been known that we are not part of any Northern organization trying to bring disrepute to the government. We consider it wrong to call for the resignation of the CBN Governor by the Arewa Youth Assembly over an unproven claim that the policies of the CBN have leapt the county into poverty.

“It is worthy of note that any call for the resignation of Emefiele will erode the achievements recorded by President Buhari in his effort to revamp the economy.

“The economy was already in shambles and it got worsened by low prices of crude at the international market, an empty treasury, corruption, dilapidated infrastructure and insecurity in the country.

“We are grateful to the CBN Governor and his effort in expanding foreign exchange earning opportunities so as to increase our foreign reserve and raise the value of the Naira. It is our belief that this effort will improve the economy.

“The politicians should please allow the government to work; we are convinced that President Mohammadu Buhari will deliver at the end.

“We are disappointed that some persons will make themselves available to unsettle the government. No reasonable person will embark on such a venture, because it is unpatriotic.”

The group also warned that “We should not be seen creating a crisis for a government that we all made effort to install. This is the time to support the government for a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria.

“In conclusion, we request that everybody support this government, there is no doubt that the Governor of CBN and his team will deliver.”


Call for resignation: Northern groups back CBN Gov, Emefiele

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