Aphrodisiacs do not enhance fertility, can cause health complications –Expert

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A Consultant Clinical Pharmacist, Dr. Bisi Bright has cautioned men against using aphrodisiac without consulting physicians, noting that it could cause other health complications.

The health expert stated this on Monday at a Webinar organised by PUNCH Nigeria Limited, stressing that aphrodisiac does not have any impact on fertility. 

Bright, who is the CEO of Live Well Initiate, a Non-Profit Public Health Organisation, urged men that wish to use aphrodisiac for sexual pleasure to first consult a physician.

She noted that using aphrodisiacs for infertility without prescription is wrong and should be jettisoned.

According to Bright, aphrodisiacs do not solve fertility problems, warning that abusing it can cause other health complications.

Speaking further at the virtual meeting, Bright also urged Nigerians to embrace the habit of regular blood pressure checks, especially in this pandemic era.

According to the clinical pharmacist, a regular blood pressure check is important because of the increased pressure created by the ongoing pandemic and its attendant impact on general wellbeing.

She noted that high blood pressure is not diagnosed by one single measurement of the blood pressure, noting that for someone to be diagnosed with high blood pressure, the pressure must be consistently high.

She said persons suffering from a combination of elevated blood sugar, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and elevated body weight are at more risk of stroke, especially when they live a sedentary lifestyle.

To combat this, she said, “people should engage in healthy exercises like brisk walking for 15 – 30 minutes about 3 to 4 times a week and can they also engage in swimming.

“They should also eat an adequate diet, stretch regularly and also take antioxidants. Antioxidants are necessary for a healthy body as they help fight free radicals in the body.

Bright cautioned against an unconscious sedentary lifestyle, noting that it could be a risk factor for developing other diseases.

To combat health issues that may arise from a sedentary lifestyle, Bisi recommended that people should engage in mobility exercise after three to four hours in a position.

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