Adams attempted to kill his boss while asleep

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A man identified as Adams Hadi from Kogi State, has been deported after his benefactor caught him red-handed trying to eliminate him.




It was gathered that the incident happened on Tuesday, September 14, in Accra, Ghana. According to a source, “Adams just got to Ghana few days ago to work for the man who brought him here. On Tuesday, he prepared a meal unknown to his boss that it had been laced with dr*gs.

He then went on to carry out his plan when he noticed his boss was fast asleep. As Adams wanted to str*ngle the victim with a rope and st*b him, his boss woke up with a start and observed that his lips had been glued by the suspect.

The man struggled and overpowered Adams and ran to call for help. Neighbors gathered and interrogated the suspect. It was then he narrated how his plan was to either kidnap his boss and demand a ransom or k*ll him immediately and flee with his valuables.

Adams bag was searched and a list of items to be used to commit the crime was found along with assorted charms and dr*gs. He was given a gentle brain reset before being deported to Nigeria.” [Swipe]

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